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Yoga has many definitions. There can be many paths to yoga. Some of yoga practices include, your posture, your asana, your breathing, your pranayama, you must control your subtle forces, […]

YOGA teaches kids to naturally calm themselves down. It can help with children who are hyperactive. It teaches breathing techniques that are relaxing and calming. Yoga can be a useful […]

Kids Yoga: More Animal Poses

Kids Yoga: More Animal Poses by Amy Parker Buy on Link:   We will be looking at more animal poses. The first pose that we will look at […]


The Stick Kids by Amy Parker Buy on Link: The stick kids are magical girls and boys. The were drawn with a pencil made of magic. Once they […]

My Monster ABC'S

MY MONSTER ABC’S by Amy Parker Link:   Monster Alphabet with sentences for vocabulary. Don’t be afraid of the monsters. They are here to teach you your alphabet. BUY  […]

My Twelve Monkeys Are Driving Me Crazy

My 12 Monkeys Are Driving Me Crazy by Amy Parker Buy On Link: I adopted 12 monkeys when they were young and they are driving me crazy. None […]

We Love Babies

We Love Babies by Amy Parker  Buy on Link:     We love babies, babies make us smile laugh they even make us cry. But we still love […]